Körber Pharma Inspection-A SEIDENARDER SOLOTION

From pharmaceutical or biotech products in liquid, highly viscous or freeze-dried form to syringes, vials, ampoules or cartridges, we know the stringent requirements that sensitive products and fragile containers place on transport systems as well as the demands that our inspection technologies pose for handling.

We offer you the optimal solution for all of your inspection needs, enabling you, as a manufacturer, to ensure that only flawless products leave your facilities. Inspection solutions for top quality requirements

Lab equipment

The final touch for optimum quality control:

Table-top units for testing random samples, fully equipped laboratory units for testing the parameters of your automatic inspection processes.

Manual Inspection booths

Durable, ergonomically adjustable, visual inspection stations.

Strict conformance to USP 1790 manual inspection methods. cGMP construction with stainless and aluminum

Semi-automatic inspection

The perfect complement for your visual inspection: our machines are flexible, ergonomic and intuitive to operate.

Automatic inspection

Perfectly matched: our fully automatic inspection machines combine optimally adapted handling of your products, highly precise image processing and innovative inspection technologies to achieve maximum efficiency.

In-process control

Inspect empty glass containers before filling them with expensive pharmaceuticals.

In process checks of fill levels and closures boost the efficiency and safety of your production. We seamlessly integrate our inspection systems into your existing production process, pre-qualifying products before final inspection.